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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Whoa, well here goes nothing... our first EVER blog post!

Hey, Hi, Hello, Teddy here (that's me, <--with Olive). I have to say that I may, *insert clearing throat sound* am nervous yet super pumped to introduce you to Teddybear Labradoodles! You've gotten this far, so I'm guessing(?) you're into cute dogs that resemble a living teddy bear. If so, then read on and I will try my best to not bore you with this little intro-y post-y thing.

Are you one of those people that hates talking about yourself? Welp, I am too... but here we are...

I was raised a "city" gal, but animals were always a huge part of my life. I mean I guess I come by it naturally- both of my parents were and still are crazy for critters. We had some pretty weird and exotic "pets" if you will, growing up- ya know the yuzh - piranhas, tortoises... yeah excellent options for young children I'd say... that said, the one wise decision they made was introducing me to the amazing world of DOGS!

So how did my LOVE of dogs lead me to breeding them you ask??? So, to continue with my parents' story for just a sec longer... Back in the day they were breeding show winning English Bull Terriers. Yep, the ones that trot around the ring all fancied-up. Long story short, once they realized the "bad side" of breeding- congenital health defects, challenging temperaments, and gross unethical practices that the breeding world is riddled with they retired from breeding all-together, but our home was never without a dog. We had a variety of breeds- Doberman, to dachshund and everything in between but ultimately the question finally came to me:

Is there really a dog that can "tick all the boxes?" Not to sound all exclusive, because I, of all people think ALL dogs are wonderful but I really went down the rabbit hole with this one. so here are my "boxes":

  1. Dog must be HEALTHY

  2. Dog must have an excellent temperament- suitable and trustworthy around children of all ages and other animals

  3. Dog must have excellent temperament #2- suitable for long outdoor excursions/hikes/play fetch/whatever

  4. Dog must have excellent temperament #3- dog must not be "yappy"

  5. Dog must not shed (eeek, I just can't do those tumbleweed piles of dog hair, nope)

  6. Dog must not be too big or too small (needs to cuddle, need to be able to lift easily, but not so fragile they will break :/)

  7. Dog must be CUTE!

So, after years and years of trying to find this "unicorn dog", I finally found it: the Australian Labradoodle

Not only did I want my life to be filled will all the puppies, but I also wanted to spread their joy and perfection to others!

Okay, I think that's enough for now... I hope you're still conscious haha

xo Teddy

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