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Want to know how much families love their Australian Labradoodles?

Read reviews from our clients to know how much they love not only their sweet furry friends, but how much they enjoyed their experience with Teddybear Labradoodles.

"He is the best decision I ever made! He is the easiest puppy I have ever trained. (he is) So willing and happy.."

~Jordan A.

Teddy, thank you so much for this sweet doll. She is fitting in really well. You do such a fantastic job with these puppies, she slept through the night and has been going to the door to pee and poop. We are all so in love with her. Thank you for everything you do. I would never recommend any other breeder. This little girl is worth the wait and every penny."

~Tammi G.

"Charlie (Camilo) is such a sweet boy. Calm but playful, always wanting to be with his humans.. He’s a perfect addition to our family and follows me everywhere to lie at my feet, and I mean everywhere! He’s such a chill little boy, very laid back.. Nobody believes how calm he is, even as a squirrel or bird crosses the lawn or other dogs walk in front of the property
Charlie is living his best life and we’re so glad to be a part of it!"

Caroline B

"Aspen (Abuela) is doing so well . Last weigh in she was around 32lbs of pure love, joy and energy. We love her to pieces."

Lisa F.

“...We are officially beyond smitten with Hudson. She is an absolute dream! She’s the perfect match for us and is loving all of her new friends and family as they visit to welcome her. Lots of fun and lots of chill relaxing time AND her potty training is going SO well!...”

Joanne T.

"I cannot believe what a gem this little belle is. She sleeps all through the night, comes into the kitchen whenever she sees Kobe go to our treat cupboard..she just looks at me sitting nicely waiting for her treat and she goes to the door for potty, which is huge. She is so sweet, happy and loves everyone that has come to see her.. Thank you for everything you do with these puppies to help transition them into their new homes so smoothly!" 

Tammi G.

" Lucky is doing very well. The kids, my husband and I adore him!!!!! He's such a sweetheart. He has been progressing very well at school too. We are now doing the intermediate courses.

Also, he's been going to the hospital 3 days a week, hanging out with the ER staff (and me when I write my notes). Everyone loves him :)

Finally, because we wish to train him to be an official staff member of our ER, we are trying to expose him to has many social situations as possible. To help us with that, my kids school director invited him to spend an hour in the 5th grader's classroom, my son's class, (during their individual reading period) to get used to hanging around a lot of kids (24!). Kids had the instruction of choosing a spot in the classroom to read their book and only change places once during the hour to minimize the commotion. Lucky spent the hour with no leash on, walking calmly around the classroom, stopping here and there to lay down next to a kid and get petted. After that first experience last week, the teacher asked us to come back so that's a good sign ;)" 

Caroline T.

"She completes us ❤️. Best buddies and my new snuggle buddy! She is the best. She is perfect. I think she would be an amazing service dog..She was the star of puppy school this past Monday!"

Jenn M.

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