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Benji, "Bunji Will", Registered Australian Labradoodle
Willa, "Bunji Julieta", Registered Australian Labradoodle

Willa & Benji

**Reservation status: ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS! 

Go-home:  ~ June 29 2024


SIZE: Mini-small medium (~25-30 pounds)

COLOUR: Caramel with white tuxedos

This is  Willa and Benji's first litter together! Willa welcomed 8 gorgeous puppies April 25th! These puppies are the happiest little sweeties- ready for any adventure or couch cuddle session! The puppies are incredibly people-focused and will want to please you. They would be excellent therapy candidates and we expect them to adore agility or higher-level obedience. They won't know a stranger and will be your best friend wanting to do anything and everything with their people. We were expecting some stunning very light-colored eyes in this litter that will be incredibly soulful and "human-like"... take a look at those baby-blues!!! We have openings please send us a message or complete our application to get the process started! 

Upcoming Litters 

Registered Australian Labradoodle, dad
Emma, "Bunji Mirabel", Registered Australian Labradoodleed Australian Labradoodle

Emma & "Thumper" 

**Reservation status: OPEN!**

Due date: ~ October 2024

Go-home:  ~ December  2024


SIZE: Micro-mini- Mini (~16-20 pounds)

COLOUR: caramel and apricot with tuxedo markings all possible.

Check back for more updates!

*Upcoming litters: Please remember that many factors are beyond our control! Mother-nature ultimately calls the shots, so the timing of heat cycles and estimated due date/go-home date may not be as predicted. Further, we reserve the right to alter stud choices to enhance a particular litter. Wait-list families will be notified if a different stud is being used.*

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