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Puppy Pricing & Guarantee

The cost of a Teddybear Labradoodle puppy is $3850 CAD (plus taxes) - regardless of sex, colour, or size. (effective on reservations made on/after Jan 1 2023) 

**Pricing per litter is subject to change at the breeders' discretion. Please contact for more details**

The first deposit of $500 reserves you a place on our reservation list. The second and final payment occurs at 6 weeks of age- one week before "match week" (policy effective as of September 2022). 

*Effective Jan 1, 2023* 

- $500 deposit reserves a place on our reservation list

- at birth, half of the remainder is due 

-final payment is due at 6 weeks of age

* failure to comply with these deadlines without prior discussion with us (i.e. if you specifically request to move to future litter, PRIOR  to the litter's birth) renders your deposit null and void as well as forfeits your place on our reservation list

What’s Included:

  • Teddybear Labradoodle

  • Weekly "Pupdates" to those on our litter reservation list 

  • Temperament tested and "matched" to client/family

  • WALA registration

  • Vet checked

  • Age-appropriate vaccines and de-worming

  • Microchip

  • Care package including custom bandana treats, toys, blanket with momma's scent, learning/tip guide, grooming card, and more! (subject to change without notice) 


Breeder's Health Guarantees
The following constitute the only guarantees and warranties provided by the Breeder to the Owner.

a. General Health Warranty:

  1. Subject to the following, the Breeder guarantees that the Puppy is generally and reasonably healthy at the time the Owner took possession of the Puppy (“General Health Guarantee”).

  2. The General Health Guarantee shall remain in effect for 72 hours from when the Owner takes possession of the Puppy.   The General Health Guarantee shall automatically expire at the conclusion of the 72-hour period and, thereafter, the Breeder shall have no further obligations to the Owner under the General Health Guarantee.

  3. If the veterinarian determines and provides a written opinion that the Puppy has a chronic or serious health problem or condition, the Owner may return the Puppy, at their expense, to the Breeder and the Breeder shall, in its absolute discretion, elect to either refund the Purchase Price or deliver to the Owner another puppy from the next available litter. If the Owner elects to retain custody of the Puppy he/she/they shall be deemed to have waived all rights which he/she/they have under the General Health Guarantee.

  4. The General Health Guarantee is void if a veterinarian determines that the Puppy’s chronic or serious health condition was created, caused, or induced by the Owner’s abuse of the puppy, failure to either comply with Paragraph 2.a., b., or c. above, or failure to take the Puppy for care and treatment by a licensed veterinarian at the first sign of unusual behavior or illness.


b. Genetic Health Guarantee:

  1. Subject to the following the Breeder guarantees that the Puppy is free of any genetic disorder (“Genetic Health Guarantee”).

  2. The Genetic Health Guarantee shall remain in effect for a period of 24 months following the birth of the Puppy. The Genetic Health Guarantee shall automatically expire at the conclusion of the 24-month period and, thereafter, the Breeder shall have no further obligations to the Owner for the genetic health of the Puppy.

  3. If within the time period of the Genetic Health Guarantee at least two qualified veterinarians, one of whom will be selected by Breeder, determine that the Puppy has a genetically derived life threatening or life altering disorder that is sufficiently serious as to render the PUPPY unsuitable as a companion pet or to warrant euthanasia of the PUPPY, the Breeder agrees upon provision of such reports as the Breeder reasonably requires to provide Owner with the following options:

    1. To keep the Puppy.  If the Owner elects to keep the Puppy, the Breeder will cover 75% of vet bills directly related to treatment of the genetic disorder to a maximum of $1500.  The Breeder shall deliver such funds upon receipt of veterinary invoices. The Breeder will not cover the cost of diagnostic testing, any expenses incurred prior to diagnosis by the second veterinarian selected by Breeder, or any shipping or travel costs.

    2. To relinquish the Puppy to the Breeder.  If the Owner choose to relinquish ownership of the Puppy to the Breeder, the Breeder shall, in its absolute discretion, either:

      1. provide a replacement puppy to the Owner as soon as such a puppy is available to the Breeder.  The Owner must pay for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with transport of original puppy and of a replacement puppy.

      2. refund $1000 to Owner.

  4. The Genetic Health Guarantee does not cover maladies that are common among any living creatures, including but not limited to: ear infections, food or environmental allergies, misaligned teeth, low grade heart murmur, infections, hernias, ingestion of foreign objects, injuries sustained, illnesses contracted, death, etc.

  5. The Owner shall abide by the following requirements:

    1. Feed the Puppy a high-quality diet free of fillers.  Grocery store brands are not high quality.

    2. Not overfeed the Puppy or allow the Puppy to become overweight as this would add increased weight to joints and bones as they’re developing.

    3. Not solely provide the Puppy with a raw diet during the first year of the Puppy’s life.

    4. Not walk the Puppy more than 30 minute twice a day during the first year of the Puppy’s life.

    5. Not take the Puppy for a run or jog during the first year of the Puppy’s life as this repetitive motion and pace is not safe as their bones are developing.

    6. Not go up and down flights of stairs regularly.  This repetitive motion is not safe as their bones are developing.

  6. Other than the General Health Guarantee and the Genetic Health Guarantee, the Breeder does not provide any further guarantees or warranties to the Owner.

  7. The General Health Guarantee and Genetic Health Guarantee are provided to the Owner only and may not be assigned.

  8. Neither the General Health Guarantee nor the Genetic Health Guarantee shall cover any illness or condition which arises from or is determined by a veterinarian of the Breeder’s choosing to result from trauma, abuse, neglect, or failure to maintain the general health of the puppy which shall include regular veterinarian examinations, any and all treatment and vaccinations recommended by a licensed veterinarian and/or required by law, emergency veterinary care should the puppy require such care, administration of heart-worm, flea, and tick medications or treatments, and/or proper diet and exercise.

  9. In the event the Owner seeks to exercise his/her/their rights under the General Health Guarantee and/or the Genetic Health Guarantee, and the two unassociated veterinarians disagree with each other’s findings then both veterinarians shall jointly select a third veterinarian to undertake an examination of the puppy and the determination of that veterinarian as to the health and/or genetic condition of the puppy shall be binding on the parties.

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