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Important Things You Should Ask Your Breeder

Finding a Labradoodle breeder is a relatively easy task these days. First, we think it is important that you decide which type of Labradoodle you are looking for in terms of early or multigenerational, Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle. Learn more about these differences here.

Be sure to take your time and ask the right questions.

Health Testing – What testing, if any, has been done on the parents? The highest standards of testing would be hips, elbows, thyroid, heart, eyes, and relevant DNA genetic disease testing. Health testing will not guarantee the health of your dog, but it will increase the likelihood you won’t have issues. Annual health checks with the local vet are not the same as rigorous health testing.

Warranty – Does the breeder provide a warranty? What is covered, how long does it last?

Prenatal Diet – What kind of food did the mother eat while pregnant?

Puppy Diet – What kind of food will the pups be eating? Look them up on: & Some Breeders feed 1-star food and some feed 4/5 star. It is proven that the quality of nutrition the mother receives while pregnant affects the pups.

Puppy Enrichment Activities – What kind of activities does the breeder expose the pups to? What happens in the early weeks can have longer-term impacts.

Temperament Testing/Assessments – What kind of testing is done on the puppy prior to selection to ensure the suitability of the pup for your lifestyle? What tools are used to assess temperament? Ensuring a good match of temperament to lifestyle enhances the bond with your dog.

Environment – Where will the pups be raised? You may (or may not) have a preference for a home-raised pup rather than a kennel-raised pup.

Get the Complete Price – What does the cost of the pup include? Vaccines? microchips? health exam? If the breeder incurs them, you don’t have to, but the purchase price will be higher.

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