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The Moms


North's Voila!

Call Name “Olive”

REG #: ALAA 093821, WALA00051010
SIZE: Medium (18", 31 LBS)
COAT: Wavy fleece (nonshedding, CuCu:

negative for curl)
Colour: Cafe (bbEE, SS- does not carry for parti, CARRIER of phantom)
DAM: "North's Doule My Luck"
SIRE: "Colonial's Franklin"
OFA prelim hips: FAIR
OFA prelim elbows: PASS 
OFA eyes: Clear  NOV 2021
DNA profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/NES/DM/EIC/HNPK/IC: Clear 
Improper Coat: clear

Olive is the original Teddybear Labradoodle!


Olive, our OG Teddybear! Olive, is a happy-go-lucky kind of gal and really enjoys hikes, making the rounds on the farm, playing fetch (she LOVES balls!), and soaking up all the cuddles and snuggles from her human siblings! Olive is glued to my hip! She is very smart and learns commands very quickly. Olive recently enjoyed a week-long backcountry camping trip and I believe it was the happiest time of he life! Hiking by day with her humans and snuggling contently in a small 2-person tent by night! Along with her soulful light-amber eyes, Olive has a gorgeous "ombre" chocolate coat- her dark paws and head with her lightly greyed body turn heads everywhere.


So far, Olive has produced a gorgeous liter of 10 puppies ( w "Chevy"). Several of her puppies have gone on to therapy work training in hospitals and schools. Clients with her past pups rave about the general ease and trainability of her pups as well as their calm and level-headed dispositions.


*Olive lives in our family home 

North's I'm the Bombay

Call Name “Fig”

REG #: ALAA 106455, WALA00040470

SIZE: Medium (17" , 27 pounds)

COAT: Wavy fleece (nonshedding, CuCu: negative for curl)

Colour: Black (BbEe, SS- does not carry for parti, CARRIER for phantom)

DAM: "North's Doule My Luck"

SIRE: "Sunvalley Recess Shenanigans"


OFA prelim hips: GOOD

OFA prelim elbows: PASS


DNA profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/NES/DM/EIC/HNPK/IC: Clear

Improper Coat: Clear

Fig is the second addition to our program.


Fig (Figgy) quickly becomes a "people's favorite" to anyone who meets her! Fig is sweet, is eager to please, yet is a queen snuggler. Fig is equally loyal as confident. When Fig isn't by your side getting pets, Fig is using her insane springs- man can she jump! Her agile nature makes her a super hike and adventure companion. Fig often ends up with me for errands... because she's always jumping in my car! Fig is very gentle with all creatures and wants to be everyone's best friend :). Fig has an idea therapy temperament- eager to please/learn, confident, consistent energy level, agile, and sweet sweet sweet. If you are looking for a prime therapy- tempered pup, this would be my pick! Also, Fig,  has the softest, most gorgeous wavy black silky coat- she literally goes with everything lol, and always looks clean! 

! FIG HAS BEEN BRED AND WE ARE EXPECTING PUPPIES MID-FEBRUARY! We are still accepting applications for this litter! 

*Fig lives in our family home


Bunji Sweet Emma Bear 

Call Name “Emma”

Reg #: WALA00078124
SIZE: mini (16", 21 pounds)
DOB: Feb 28, 2022
Colour: Caramel (bbee, Ss-carries for parti)
Hair Coat: Soft Fleece (non-shedding)
Sire: ASD Companion's Let's Sail Away 
Dam: Bunji’s Jojo

OFA prelim hips: GOOD


OFA prelim elbows: PASS


DNA profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/NES/DM/EIC/HNPK/IC: Clear

Improper Coat: Clear

Our Sweet Emma Bear! 


Emma matches her name exquisitely! This darling girl is the SWEETEST ever! Emma is a calm, loyal, loving, and very affectionate little girl. Emma's calm and level-headed personality makes her a fantastic candidate to produce therapy-tempered pups. Emma always awaits for commands and never rushes anything-if she is unsure, she will wait for a cue. Emma is such a dream to have in our home and our kids enjoy endless snuggles with her. She brings a sense of Zen to any room this is in- she is our old soul. Along with her gorgeous light caramel coat, her yellow eyes are incredibly expressive, making anyone's day brighter. Emma is our most petite girl and we are expecting her to fully mature into a large mini. Emma, is an outstanding addition to our program and family! 

We will be health testing EMMA early next year (2023) and pending her passing all testing, we will be expecting her first pups later on in 2023!

*Emma lives in our family home