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 have arrived! 



"Crimp" & "Velvet" 

Registered Australian Labradoodle puppy, Crimp
Registered Australian Labradoodle puppy, Velvet
Fig, "North I'm the Bombay", Registered Australian Labradoodle
Benji, "Bunji Will", Registered Australian Labradoodle

                        litter, born December 1st!


- Ranging from 25-35 lbs

Fig and Benji welcomed 8 gorgeous puppies on December 1st. 5 girls and 3 boys. This is Fig's first litter! This sweet girl is the cutest mom ever! These babies will be so silly, loving, and incredibly loyal! Benji has proven not just himself but through his babies just how sweet, kind, and docile they are. They will want to be with their people always. This may be a great option if you're looking for a therapy-minded pup! Complete an application today to reserve a place on their waiting list!


Delivery date: December 1st, 2024

Go-home:  READY NOW!

Image of Troll's movie
Image of Troll's movie


Crimpy girl! Crimp scored well and consistently in all areas of her temperament testing. We find Crimp has grown into a little more outgoing and chatty girl as she matures but is a super loving a sweet girl. She is one of the first to greet you and loves to follow you around everywhere. That said she is happy and confident to self-explore at this stage. She is a very confident and happy girl who would be your best friend!


As Velvety as they come! Velvet is a sweet and shy girl, yet playful and curious once she warms up! Velvet will thrive in an active and fun family. She is a happy, enthusiastic girl who greets with ease. Velvet is an active girl who exudes joy. Velvet is a gem, with his non-stop waging tail and playful energy. This sweetie will be up for any adventure her family will want to go on and will be a forever best friend!  

Upcoming Litters 

Emma, "Bunji Mirabel", Registered Australian Labradoodle
Benji, "Bunji Will", Registered Australian Labradoodle

Emma & Benji

**Reservation status: Accepting 1 more reservation!**

Emma and Benji welcomed 7 gorgeous puppies on Feb 25th! Due to the larger litter size, we have TWO openings available! 


Go-home:  ~ April 27th, 2024


SIZE: Mini/possibly small medium (~25-30 pounds)

COLOUR: Pigmented caramel with white mismarks

This will be Emma and Benji's second litter together! We decided to do a repeat breeding since their first litter together was so incredible! The puppies will be incredibly people-focused, with a very sweet, level, and calm disposition. They will be incredible therapy temperament candidates. They won't know a stranger and will be your best friend wanting to do anything and everything with their people. A sweeter pairing doesn't exist! See pictures of their past litter "Sweet Caramels litter" below and our Testimonials page to hear what people are saying about their puppies! 

"Sweet Caramels litter"  (their 2023 litter) 

Willa & Benji

**Reservation status: OPEN!**    !WILLA IS CONFIRMED PREGNANT! 

Due date: May 1, 2024

Go-home:  ~ July 1, 2024


SIZE: Mini-small medium (~26-33 pounds)

COLOUR: Caramel with white mismarks possible 

This will be Willa and Benji's first litter together! These puppies will be the happiest little sweeties- ready for any adventure or couch cuddle session! The puppies will be incredibly people-focused and will want to please you. They should also be eager for obedience and agility. They won't know a stranger and will be your best friend wanting to do anything and everything with their people. We are expecting some stunning very light-colored eyes in this t]litter that will be incredibly soulful and "human-like". We cannot wait to see what these lovelies bring. <B

Benji, "Bunji Will", Registered Australian Labradoodle
Willa, "Bunji Julieta", Registered Australian Labradoodle
 Registered Australian Labradoodle, dad
Fig, "North I'm the Bombay", Registered Australian Labradoodle

Fig & "Duck"

**Reservation status: OPEN!**

Due date: ~ June 2024

Go-home:  ~ August 2024


SIZE: Mini (~22-26 pounds)

COLOUR: Black and chocolate in solids & phantom as well as caramel and apricot possible with tuxedo markings all possible.

This will be Fig's second litter. Fig carries for phantom (brown points like in a doiberman) and we are OH SO EXCITED to see some markings in her next litter! Duck (an outside stud) is a sweet little phantom guy, at only 22 pounds he will bring down the overall size of the puppies for mini pups! Fig is always up for an adventure! Her absolute favourite things to do are going on car rides, touring the city, and endless hikes in the great outdoors. Fig is also a total cuddle bug and is always there to provide love and support to her people. She is a gorgeous mix of athletic and sweet! 

Registered Australian Labradoodle, dad
Emma, "Bunji Mirabel", Registered Australian Labradoodleed Australian Labradoodle

Emma & "Thumper" 

**Reservation status: OPEN!**

Due date: ~ August 2024

Go-home:  ~ October 2024


SIZE: Micro-mini- Mini (~16-20 pounds)

COLOUR: caramel and apricot with tuxedo markings all possible.

Check back for more updates!

"Teddybear KitKat", Registered Australian Labradoodle
Benji, "Bunji Will", Registered Australian Labradoodle

Daphne & Benji 

**Reservation status: OPEN!**

Due date: ~  September 2024

Go-home:  ~ November 2024


SIZE: Mini (~25-30 pounds)

COLOUR: chocolate and caramel in solids with white mismarks possible.

** Pending Daphne's health testing**

*Upcoming litters: Please remember that many factors are beyond our control! Mother-nature ultimately calls the shots, so the timing of heat cycles and estimated due date/go-home date may not be as predicted. Further, we reserve the right to alter stud choices to enhance a particular litter. Wait-list families will be notified if a different stud is being used.*

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